Susie Salmon was murdered at age 14, as if that wasn’t bad enough her spirit is caught in the “middle” as she watches over her family and their struggle with her death. Susie has a hard time dealing with wanting vengeance over her murderer and is forced to see the other crimes he has committed while she is in the “middle” before taking that step towards heaven. Amy and I went to see this together and immediately she informed me the book was so much better, so many important details were left out of the movie. The movie was more focused on the “middle” surreal scenes of Susie floating in this strange world of seasons constantly changing, terrifying moments, and being transcended into her family’s life to see the horror they are living. After listening to Amy describe the important details that were left out of the film I wish I would have read the book! I found myself wanting the movie to be more focused on the crime, the murderer, trying to help solve the mystery, but instead I was thrown into these surreal worlds of the “middle”, and to disappoint more, the cinematography wasn’t that great….. We did enjoy the flashbacks it brought to us since it was based in 1973, the clothes, the toys the kids had and the interior design of middle america homes was spot on. If you have already read the book I’m afraid to say you will be highly disappointed, if you haven’t read the book and you go see the movie, I’m sure you’ll be ready to go out and get the book in order to get a feel for what author Alice Sebold was intending to share.
Like the saying goes “the book is way better than the movie”, and this time thats no joke. 2 Spark Plugs is all we can give it