Hey, gotta ride with a flat finish to it? Sick of those nasty greasy finger prints all over your finish that you can’t get rid off because you can’t use any of the normal cleaning products on it? 
  Guess what Wizards has you covered…   Thats right, finally a product you can use much like a quick detailer on your flat surfaces. 
WIPE DOWN™, is a matte finish spray detailer formulated to clean all matte paint finishes including suede, denim, satin primer and all flat or matte clears. Now you can easily detail your bike, car, or street rod, quickly to remove dust, fingerprints, road grime and oily residues without adding a gloss. WIPE DOWN™ is safe for use on all paints without streaking and is silicone and wax free.
 About time huh?  The best part about Wipe Down is it’s not a gloss enhancer and does not provide additional filling qualities, it is also used and recommended for removing dust and residue after compounding or buffing high gloss clears. This allows better inspection between steps eliminating “missed areas” when buffing. It also reduces the chances of bringing more abrasive residues into the finishing step.
you guys can get Wipe Down  in a 22 oz. sprayer bottle or gallon refill.
For more information about WIPE DOWN™ or any other Wizards products, please visit www.WizardsProducts.com or call 800-356-7223.