For any of you Garage-Girls rollin’ in a beamer, be sure to check to see if your model is on the recall list….
BMW is the latest to join the parade of recalls and dealer repairs. The reason for the recall of the 130,000 twin-turbo and naturally-aspirated six-cylinder models is for emissions and safety fixes.

The problem with the twin-turbo models lies in the direct injection fuel system’s high pressure fuel pump, which can cause long-crank engine start times, illumination of the “Service Engine Soon” light, reduced engine performance in a “Safe Mode,” and illumination of the “Engine Malfunction” light.
According to BMW, depending on the service history of the vehicle, the service will involve replacement of the high pressure fuel pump. BMW expects about 40,000 of the 130,000 models recalled to require a new pump. Affected models under this recall include: 2007-2010 335i; 2008-2010 135i, 535i, and X6 xDrive35i; and the 2009-2010 Z4 Roadster sDrive35i.
   In a separate recall also announced today, 20,800 2008 BMW X5s equipped with the naturally aspirated six-cylinder will be called in to replace the low-pressure fuel pump. Affected vehicles could experience complete pump failure, killing the engine and causing the power-assisted steering and brakes to lose their assist, making the vehicle much more difficult to control.
 Owners of affected vehicles will be notified in the next several weeks, with repairs to be scheduled shortly after. For more information, contact BMW at 1-800-563-4269 or email BMW Customer Relations at