Hi! My name is Bebe. I am a sweet, mellow and happy gal — your typical Beagle! I’m 6 years old and I love the outdoors and people too.

I have found myself back here at Animal Friends because my family had to move into an apartment which doesn’t allow dogs. This makes me sad, as I am a family-kind-of-gal.

I see the other dogs playing here but, I think all that romping around is a bit over-rated. For me, the perfect day consists of spending time outdoors where I can sniff, run around a little, sniff some more and then come inside where I will probably take a nice long nap. Oh yea, I also like to take walks on the leash!

I haven’t been taught any commands or tricks, but I think it would be great to take some of the classes here with my new lifetime companion. I enjoy learning and I’m eager to please, so let’s give it a try! I hear it’s a great experience.
I recently went to a fundraiser for Animal Friends that took place at a bar. I did great! I loved meeting all the people and getting petted. I never met anyone I didn’t like.

If you have the forever home I dream of, please arrange to meet me…I will be waiting! Call Animal Friends today!