This was passed onto us from Rogue, taken from bikerlawyer blogspot.
A New Jersey man thought that he was enjoying a nice rainy ride down route 18 with his pug last week, but it turns out the man was actually subjecting his dog to cruel and unusual treatment. Gyula Szatmari, 56, was issued a few tickets by New Jersey police after riding on his motorcycle with his pug in his lap.
Sgt. Anthony Lena, of the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, spotted Szatmari riding down the road with his pug sitting on the gas tank of his motorcycle, and decided to call the police.
Szatmari was pulled over and issued tickets for careless driving and the improper transportation of an animal.
Did Szatmari deserve his tickets?
It isn’t illegal to carry a dog on a motorcycle, in fact, there is a whole industry dedicated to doggy riding gear. But it is frowned upon to ride with your pet unsecured on your bike, since it could jump off or distract you from paying attention to the road.
Szatmari will appear in court on October 13th to discuss his tickets. Should Szatmari be fined?
Do you ride with your pet?
How about it Garage-Girls readers, we already know pretty much all of our readers are animal enthusiasts, how do you feel about this topic? Share your thoughts on this.