PerewitzSeat_topA legend was born when Dave Perewitz built his first bike back in 1973. Since then, Dave’s artistry and skills have earned him a worldwide reputation for building custom bikes, particularly baggers (or “Baggas” as Dave says with his distinctive Massachusetts accent). Dave and the team at Mustang have worked closely together to create the Signature Series, comprised of one solo seat and four Fastback styles. Most Harley-Davidson® FL models from 1997 and up are encompassed by the collection.

The Perewitz Signature Solo seat fits the 2008-14 FL Touring line. Only 11” wide, it is narrower than any stock seat. It also features an innovative hidden installation system so there are no visible bolts or brackets. Matching fender bibs incorporate the diamond stitching with braided edge trim found in the seats. These bibs are felt-backed to protect paint and contoured to fit the fender with no gaps around the edges… and better yet, retail for less than $50.

The four Perewitz Signature Fastbacks are a full 12-inches wide up front, tapering to a sleek 7-inches at the back. Like all Mustang Tripper style seats, the Perewitz Signature Series Seats are cut low to the ground, yet retain enough molded foam to be comfortable. That svelte rear section flows smoothly to the fender, yet has adequate padding for use as a passenger seat in a pinch.

“Superb styling combined with Mustang’s reputation for all-day comfort makes a superior seat,” says Mustang Marketing Director, Marilyn Simmons. “Designed by Dave Perewitz, made by Mustang… what could be better?” Visit the site to check em out!