It was one of those last minute road trips we take, the ones that usually start like this, “Hey wanna got for a ride?” “Sure, lets take a cruise.” Next thing I know He’s bringing me to Arkansas, just a short 10 hour trip. I had heard about the people we were going to visit from him before, and actually saw some of Boyd’s work, but getting there and seeing his work in person was, of course, way better then some cell phone pics could ever try to relay.
We were in a little town just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and at the shop of Boyd Lemons Hillbilly 223 Custom Firearms and Finishing.
Boyd’s business started in 2008 and he has been doing one-of-a-kind camouflage patterns and custom ‘paint jobs’ on knives, rifles, handguns and accessories since. This is a family run business and I had the pleasure to get to know his wife Val, who is no doubt a Garage-Girl like us, Val enjoys being outdoors, bonfires, gardening, good healthy organic food, hiking, shooting, like I said, all the same interests we have here.
Anyway, I wanted to share the talent from Hillbilly 223 Custom finishes because I know first hand a ton of our readers have quite the collection of personal firearms. If you are interested in a custom finish on your piece or pieces (Think gift for your old man too) I wanted to be sure you knew how to get in touch with these guys. Our road trip was an awesome experience and even better time getting to know these extremely talented, awesome people! Check out the webpage and go “like” ’em on FB. Nothing better than supporting American Made! Tell em Garage-Girls sent ya!