DSC_3392_DSC_3457_These last few weeks I have spent squeezing out the last drops of the impeccable fall weather we have been blessed with out here in the midwest. My journeys have included hiking, riding, flying, standing on my feet all day at a motorcycle rally, and driving a drag car with a 350 chevy and power glide, going 70 mph in 200 feet. Yea, you could say I’m trying to “cram it all in” before the cold weather decides to blanket us. I chose to wear the Darice boot by Harley-Davidson Footwear, for all of my various activities. I must say, I have enjoyed every minute, not only due to the fact that I have been doing some fun things, but most importantly, my feet have been happy while doing all those fun things. We all know you need comfortable shoes to endure long hours while out living life.
The Darice boot, instantly upon slipping into it, gives a feeling of a well broken-in boot. Ya know, the boot or shoe you must have the second you put it on, because you just know. Soft, comfortable, and very flexible, best words I can use to describe this boot.
Whatever your plans are, wherever your journeys are going to take you, I recommend you go out living in the Darice Boot. Visit the site to check them out up close and locate a dealer near you that has ‘em on the shelf!