Klock Werks has added another option to the patented Flare™ Windshield line for 2014+ FLH Model riders. Calling upon their many years of air management experience, as well as customer feedback, requests, and road testing, Flare™ Low for 2014 + FLH models joins the already released 6.5”, 8.5”, and 11.5” options available. Klock Werks original, patented Flare™ Windshield is still the best choice for improved air management, complimenting the new vent/duct system in the 2014+ batwing style HD fairing.

“Riders that have purchased the 2014+ HD FLH models, vs the 2013 and older models, will realize that the fairing sits 1” higher, thus a greater need for the a Flare™ Low option that incorporates form and function,” stated Brian Klock, President of Klock Werks.

Klock Werks Flare™ Windshields feature “hips” at the sides that re-route the wind away from you while adding downforce to the front-end of the motorcycle to improve stability vs. riding with the stock windshield. The flip at the top of the Flare™ redirects air back as clean, less turbulent air for rider and passenger. The Flare™ doesn’t just block or push the air, it redirects the wind to improve your ride. Wind tunnel testing and real world riding and have proven that Klock Werks Flare™ Windshields continue to be the first, and best choice for riders everywhere. Made in the USA from hard-coated polycarbonate material for added durability and quality. Available in 6.5”, 8.5”, 11.5” and now the Flare™ Low (approx. 5”) for 2014+ FLH models! Flare™ Low is available in Black and Dark Smoke options online at www.kustombaggers.com, and through your local Drag Specialties Dealer.

About Klock Werks
Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, Klock Werks has grown from humble beginnings to a nationally and internationally recognized Brand. Achieving status as “Air Management Experts”, Klock Werks credits this to the success of the original, patented, Flare™ Windshield. Also supplying fenders, handlebars, and other motorcycle parts, Klock Werks proudly leads the industry through innovation in design and quality of materials and fitment. Team Klock Werks has been successful for years designing parts, creating custom motorcycles, and setting records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. You will find motorcycles, family, and faith at the core of Klock Werks, along with a commitment to caring for the needs of enthusiasts around the world who enjoy their products.