Indian made no secret that the new Dark Horse would be built on the same platform as the rest of the air-cooled big-bore beasts. Still, the silhouette of the new machine introduces indeed a different vibe. The 2016 Chief Dark Horse drops almost all the shiny chrome and bling, and bringing forth black engine and engine case paint, black rims and a lighter build.

The 2016 Dark Horse was designed primarily as a solo machine, but you can add room for a passenger by installing a rear seat and pegs. The engine is the same Thunder Stroke 111 unit, the 1,811cc v-twin cylinders produce just over 73 hp at 4,500 rpm.
The new Indian sports true dual exhaust, ABS, cruise control, top-notch fuel injection, a comprehensive single-gauge dash loaded with telltale light indicators, an analog speedo and a LCD screen.
Dark Horse will reach the dealerships in spring 2015, and in Europe it will be sold with a neat 5-year warranty. If you’re eyeing a demo ride, start making plans for the annual Daytona Bike Week from March 7th – 14th, 2015, as the Dark Horse will be there.