SLP_3318Vintage Cars and Motorcycles drag racing on the beach. Do I need to say more? Of course I wanted to attend this event. I decided to bring my Dad along to The Race of Gentlemen,(TROG) I knew he would enjoy this. The smell of salt air mixed with racing fuel wafting in the air overwhelmed us both as we made our way to the pit area. We just looked at each other and gave that nod, no words needed, we each knew what the other was thinking. “Man that smells good!”.  Rhett Rotten  was tearing it up on his bally bike in front of his Wall of Death and guys were wrenching on cars and bikes all throughout the pit area. With the amusement park rides in the background, it almost felt like we had been transported back in time. To a time when things were maybe a bit slower paced, life was a little more carefree.  SLP_3154We made our way to the starting line and enjoyed the constant sea of Vintage Awesomeness making it’s way down the beach. Flat head fords, old sprint style cars and early american motorcycles roared down the shore in sync with the sound of the ocean waves crashing the beach. As I was in mid lens change (of course) I heard a bike rev up, and it was the sound that you know is not intentional. As I picked my head up I watched an early Harley-Davidson come flying back towards the starting line with no rider, the bike starts flipping end over end as its gaining momentum and air. It was luckily headed towards the ocean, but there was a crowd of swimmers in it’s path. I did not get a shot of this happening, but here is the immediate aftermath. Luckily no one was hurt. Rider here greeting the crowd letting them know he is ok, and attendants at the bike, trying to pry it out of the sand.  SLP_3524

I was excited to see the super talented Brittney Olsen, she has such a contagious smile. Her passion for the vintage racing just flows out of her and it’s always exciting to cheer her on!SLP_3108There was an amazing band playing in the general event area where you could grab some food, drinks and enjoy music from the 40’s. A cute couple was kicking it up on the stage performing classic dance moves of the times. We really enjoyed this music and it made this experience all the more authentic.
We made our way to the car show area and loved the mix of culture parked together. SLP_3762SLP_3772SLP_3782SLP_3789SLP_3407Glad I took my dad with me to this event. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching the smile it put on his face. Thank you TROG, well done! Article and photos by Sara Liberte