The time is finally here, we have a winner of the 2017 Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover brought to you by Allstate Motorcycle. #keepridersriding

Patricia L. Thurston aka “Ditch”, Congratulations you are this years winner!

Every year we say this, and trust me, every year we mean it. It’s very hard to pick ONE winner, we had 61 entries this year, and the team had to narrow that down to only 4. From there we had a select panel cast a vote. Patricia took the win this year and will be getting “hooked up” with tons of gear for not only her motorcycle, but also with gear for herself!

We are pretty sure you will understand why she was chosen. Patricia has, like many of us, been faced with obstacle after obstacle in life, and somehow manages to carry on. We are really happy to shine some light on her with the help of our awesome sponsors and send some goodness her way. If you take a minute to read her story we are pretty sure you will be able to relate.

We need to send a GIANT thank you to all who submitted an entry, you all are deserving and we sure hope we get to meet some of you out on the road at an event. Thank you of course to our sponsors who make this all possible. It is a great feeling knowing we have partners in our industry who feel just as passionate about helping a fellow rider out as we do. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover and we are looking forward to planning a great one full of surprises!

Why me? I was working on my 1998 Dyna Superglide and realized it was in dire need of a little care to ride again, I wondered where I was going to find the few dollars I needed just to get a pair of “boots” (tires) on “Baby”, just to ride her. I would like to note, I perform my own bike mechanical work, to include removal of tires; for the change.
Oops! I should provide some history, I’ve been struggling with health issues and really wanted to try to go for my masters degree. I was at a government job and the position didn’t work for me as a person, I left in July 2016 the nice IT analyst position, keeping my integrity intact. I Felt since I had already been looking for work, something would crop up soon…it hasn’t! Not many take lightly leaving a position of that nature, but life’s too short for taking oneself into the gutter and my faith tells me, God has a plan somewhere down the road. Just prior to leaving my job, my family had been struggling, my son, an over the road truck driver, was nearly killed in a freak accident that quite literally peeled the semi and trailer apart, leaving him dangling for his life, buckled behind the drivers’ front wheel, at about 55mph while taking out a toll gate…seems there were issues with the brake lines.
The last year has been none to kind to my son’s family, as he and his fiancé and five grandkids of mine struggle with Chris’ near crippling back and short-term memory head injury issues from the semi-wreck. I’ve been supportive, both financially and of course, as a mother, lots of love. During this time, I drained years of small savings, just enough to live; as I really hadn’t tucked much away, I used the money to continue my masters, pay my monthly bills and help my family as much as I could. Now, several thousands gone and still no work. As I take moments riding in the wind, I feel my faith knowing, it’s in the plan!
Oh, it gets better, as our family struggled along, in late October 2016, life changed again for us as a family, more than it should. I was in PA/WV for the “Aidan’s Ride”, when I get a call very early in morning from Colorado, my son was a piece of the news, a hit-and-run motorcycle accident and he nearly lost his leg! They caught the person, with limits of liability, so the medical expenses were at least covered, however, he now has a rod holding his foot on, and now has to see heart and neuro doctors’ due to the damage to his body.
Me…I’m out of money now… Chris had to return to work, though he qualified for SSI, and we struggle. I keep praying somehow, the plan will unfold and things will work out. Now, I write this essay, with the miles I travel, about 11K or more yearly, just need the few things, tires for my dyna and the oil and few other items to maintain my bike, I love to ride, in the wind” – Patricia L. Thurston “Ditch

Thank you for sharing your story with us Patricia!