It’s that time of year, the time we like to reflect on all the wonderful outings we were able to enjoy through the year and the people we have met thanks to motorcycles and all thing we find near and dear to our heart in our garages.  Of course always high on our list is the opportunity to help out a fellow rider in need with our Ultimate Biker Makeover Contest. Without the help and support of our amazing sponsors we couldn’t spread the magic we have been so fortunate to do for the last 9 years.    We reached out to this years winner, Patricia “Ditch” Thurston and took some time to get caught up on what she has been doing with all her winnings.

GG; Can you tell us how how you felt when you got the news that you were selected the 2017 winner?

PT; The feelings that overcame me when I checked who had won the Garage-Girl’s Ultimate Biker Makeover, were a flood of emotions as I stated before, “…cried like a sissy” lol. Seriously, I was busy for a few days with motorcycle family in town for a biker wedding, and didn’t have time to check for a few days after returning from Sturgis.  So after entering four of the five last few years, I was literally overwhelmed to see myself, I actually closed the page and relaunched it to be sure, and the slobbering tears began, like WOW!

GG; Where there any parts in the winnings that you were really in dire need of?

PT; I’m ever so grateful to Avon Tyres and Spectro Oil for bringing the two things to keep us safe on the road, tires for me to ride and plenty of fresh oil, for the engine to run right. My only reason for entering the contest, I was in my garage, just finished some maintenance and looked longing at my Dyna, with a heavy layer of dust and so wished I could take the Dyna to Sturgis,  enter the Buffalo Chip’s show and in a burn-out contest to earn the rear tire I couldn’t afford! And then there was oil, I scrounged through the closet and found enough for a change, but not good enough after sitting, it would need another change after a few hundred miles to get the “yuks” out from sitting. I realized I couldn’t afford to get the Dyna safely on the road and it dawned on me, I had an avenue and it may not make Sturgis, but I could possibly be riding my favorite bike soon if I entered the Garage-Girls contest!

GG; Would you encourage others to enter this contest?

PT; As for encouraging others to enter an essay in the Garage-Girl’s contest, I’d have to say yes!  I’m wearing the awesome shirt S&S Cycles sent, Grant was great in sending out a huge box of gear right away and of course, already being a fan, I couldn’t wait to wear a shirt out riding, and whoa!!! the compliments! I’d no idea and happen to be at a party with a group of bikers’ very aware of S&S Cycles in our motorcycle world. I was still so humbled by the attention when they learned of the contest, a few folks were taking phones out to view on FB and Instagram and I believe several follow Garage-Girl’s now. I’m pretty certain at least two ladies at Indian MC of Denver follow, Colleen was awesome helping me with sizes to order the gear from Indian MC, my full helmet, leather/denim jacket, gloves and those (redwing) boots. Even my riding bff’s, Debby and Michelle will tell folks, about my winnings, they both loved my Mustang seat; so I think the Garage-Girl word is definitely spreading.

GG; Has winning this contest inspired you in a certain way?

PT; Winning the Ultimate Biker Makeover has strengthened my desire to get my Dyna prepared for the Hoka Hey 2018 ride. I need to have a bike better set-up for the distance/miles that are endured during those few weeks of riding and had been acquiring parts for a few years, drawing pictures in my mind and a few on paper. Winning the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover  sent my design mode into overdrive as I sorted through the sponsor gift offerings that would support my desire to ride and endure the 10K miles of Hoka Hey for the charities I decide to ride for. A way to pay it forward! Thank you Patricia for taking the time to chat with us, we are certainly excited to see all the places you ride to in 2018 and will be following to see how the bike has come together with all your new gear!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at Garage-Girls!