Everyone remembers how they first met someone that is special, someone you share a connection with, someone you enjoy spending time with.  For some reason I can not for the life of me remember how me and Goth met.  It’s like we have just been friends forever, I honestly don’t remember who introduced us, or where we were.  What I can remember, perfectly in my mind, down to some really small details are some of the best times we shared together, and there were plenty.

Of course most of those times revolved around Morgan “Samantha” Storm and the the American Motor Drome Wall of Death.  Samantha was the best female wall trick rider and if you were lucky enough to ever catch her ride the wall, you would have seen just how special she was, and always will be. Samantha passed away in 2008 and left a major hole in our hearts.  For a few years at most of the major bike rallies, us three Amigo’s would be raising hell having the time of our lives.  I’m sure when you hear “raising hell” at a motorcycle rally you picture drinking whiskey and beer, risky behavior and such.  Nah, that wasn’t our crew.  We were too busy goofing off making runs to the dollar store to find weird things to prank people with, and don’t forget the skim milk, that was Sammy’s preferred drink.

For those of you that didn’t know Goth Girl she was a legend through and through.  She lived life on HER terms, she played hard, learned lessons and applied those lessons in her every day life.  I have yet, to this day found another human as loyal and solid as this woman.  Her word was gold, and a hand shake was all you needed to know just how trust worthy she was.

My friend  wasn’t like anyone else.. period. She was a Graduate of Berklee College of Music, and an understudy to old-school jazz greats, Ray Santisi and Bill Evans.  She rode a motorcycle, she stood up for the weak, she fought for what was right, and she did this all with the goal of making someone smile and or laugh.

Goth was a warrior in so many ways, she let her heart lead her in everything she did.  This was a woman that would never sell out, it had to be a legit operation, with a goal she was passionate about, or she just wasn’t on board.  She was a recording artist, she was an esteemed piano player and was the house pianist for many years at Rincon Center and One Market Plaza in San Fransico.  Goth was also the co-founder of the infamous Devil Dolls M/C, affiliated with Hell’s Angels, with chapters in the United States and Sweden.  Goth held a full patch. She was also a co-star in the widely seen Discovery Channel show “Motorcycle Women”, along with a great group of ladies I’m fortunate to share friendships with.  That show alone was responsible for influencing many young riders you see all over instagram today.  She was an entrepreneur and developed  “Goth Block”  a  sunscreen with “SPF 666”, she later sold that to a major corporation.  I could never go anywhere without my “Goth Block”.   The girl was hip to the damage the sun can do to your skin, and her pasty white skin was flawless, her beauty was ageless, her style was classic and glamorous and her heart was genuine.

She loved animals and along with myself and Samantha we were determined to help animals however we could. She loved nature and took a stand when the city was trying to cut down a tree outside her apartment building. There was no stopping this girl.  We used to tell each other stories of how if we were super heroes we would swoop in and help out the innocent, the children, the animals, we would fight to right a wrong, we would make a difference in someone’s life, human or animal.

  When I learned of her passing, after the hurt I was comforted with the thought of her joining Samantha up in heaven to fulfill our goal of looking after the animals, they are both now those superheroes we all envisioned ourselves as.  Ride in Peace my dear friend, thank you for sharing your beauty with us all, I’ll see you and Samantha soon, but not too soon.  I still have our work here on earth to tend to, you guys got the bigger shift upstairs.