It has been exactly one year ago since my last update and it blows my mind to see how supportive the motorcycle industry continues to be and how things keep happening in my life propelling me further.  Even though I loved my time and the experiences I had with Gold Eagle, I decided after four years to resign as a Cool Rides Online Champ so I could pursue other opportunities.  After three years of hosting “Throwback Thursdays” at the local Kenda Drive-In, I worked tirelessly all winter to make this year bigger and better than ever by adding a “Trunk Sale”; car owners can bring what they can carry in their trunk or in their truck bed to try to sell their wares before the movie begins.  Each year I select car movies that have not been previously shown before and it is hard to believe that this is the fourth year of the event.

Last year I finally got my ’39 Knucklehead “Delirious” finished and have been having a BLAST riding it!  It is the best riding bike I have ever ridden.  My ’56 Panhead is currently being featured in magazines around the world and I
hope to get “Redemption”, my ’37 Knucklehead that I am building in the bike rags when finished while educating people about narcissistic abuse.  Last year I was contacted by Bree at World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (WNAAD) and I was the first person she featured in her spotlight for raising awareness to narcissistic abuse in a unique way-  World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (WNAAD) occurs on June 1st every year and she offers a FREE Survivor Empowerment Telesummit that anyone can sign up for-

Established in 2016, WNAAD is a growing global movement dedicated to raising the profile of narcissistic abuse, providing public pathology education, resources for survivors, and to effect policy change.  I had no idea this existed but am SO glad that it does!

Since I have devoted my entire life to my passion and love of vintage motorcycles and old hot rods, I find it only fitting to use my experience to motivate and empower anyone who is in this form of abusive relationship.  My life is a reflection of my priorities and of the choices that I make.  I am BLESSED for what I went through with all of these unhealthy relationships.  If it weren’t for my past experience, I couldn’t share my story to try to help others who are struggling with narcissistic vampires.

Although it usually takes me about six years to build a bike mainly due to limited funds, this bike shouldn’t take as long since I have sponsors; mainly companies that I have been supporting for years with my previous builds.  I want to thank the original sponsors of this build, Avon Tyres, Spectro Oils and Baker Drivetrain as they have been supporting what I do in the industry for quite some time.  I run the Safety Mileage MK II tire on both the front and rear of all of my bikes so Avon Tyres have come on board with a free set of tires; Baker Drivetrain provided me with the coveted N-1 that puts neutral on the bottom which I install in all of my four-speed transmissions and Spectro Oils is supplying premium oils and other lubricants that I run in all of my big-twins.

I have been blessed to continue to obtain sponsorship from some of the best companies in the business.  I use a lot of Lowbrow Customs parts so they have sent chopper parts, such as scissor springs, grips, bungs, etc. to help me out; Pingel makes the best fuel valves on the planet and they donated a designer petcock, and Star brite is stocking my garage full of cleaning products and everything I need to keep my old iron on the road.  I have always used Biltwell’s seat bracket on all of my bikes so they supplied one for this build and TC Bros sent me a taillight/license plate bracket that I have run on all of my bikes since I first built my ’81 Ironhead “Iron Man” in 2010.

I had been contemplating changing to a larger style of sunglasses and Epoch Eyewear stepped up to the plate supplying me with not only new sunglasses but the most awesome riding goggles ever; they actually fit UNDER helmets!  I run Paughco’s shotgun exhaust on all of my bikes and they are supplying me with the same set that I use on my ’39.  I only use S&S Cycle Super E carbs so they are sending me one for this build.  Another great company, JIMS USA gifted me with solid adjustable tappets, a kickstarter shaft and a 4-speed mainshaft gear puller while Beatnik from Easyriders has come on board as my art director.

Last December I entered The Greasy Dozen which is a grassroots builder collective presented by Old Bike Barn promoting garage built motorcycles.  Thirteen builders are chosen who are provided gift cards from some amazing sponsors.  The Greasy Dozen Run is a free event held each year in Columbus Ohio in honor of the builders’ efforts, the supporters and followers and includes a guided ride with an old-school campout.  This year the event is May 24-26.  Even though I didn’t get chosen, Bear at Old Bike Barn donated Biltwell Bonanza helmets for both my husband and I which is awesome since I always paint a helmet to match each of my bikes.

In addition to my sponsors, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys supports me indirectly as all of my money from writing articles on their blog allows me to buy parts for this build and as editor of Renegade Magazine, I get to write about the effects of narcissism in my bi-monthly column “Welcome to my World”.  I would like to give a special thanks to Sara and Garage-Girls for always letting me give updates on my projects!  Since I never had any support growing up, being able to build this bike with so many people and companies supporting me feels AMAZING!

I can’t wait to let the world see what MY “Redemption” looks like and I hope to continue to inspire others to “Dream On”!

Chris Gibbany

Old Iron Never Dies!