…gently chipping away at your psyche to reveal the underlayers, your inner workings; are you insane, perfectly sane and misunderstood, or are you even beyond the realm of analysis. 
Dust particles float, and seem to dance around in the beam of illumination that is exposing your darkest secrets; the secrets that are noticeably shuttering from their revelation. Secrets that have long been buried, hidden deep within’ you~ deep within’ the blackened chasm of your soul. 

As they say, “still waters run deep”~and I’m certain most people have chosen to just skip stones across your surface, inevitably getting caught up in the ripple effect-and not exploring further, leaving the depth of you a mystery. 

I can see the beauty of the surrounding trees reflecting on the surface of the water, as I stand at an arms length away-in the shadows, beyond the trees; because I, unlike those that had preceded me, am quite aware of the mystery that lies within’ you.