It’s inevitable, at some point either one of your vehicles will develop an oil leak, or you simply just might spill oil from a drain pain or a fresh bottle. No Need to freak out, we’ll help you clean up that oil spill like a champ!  The best way to deal with an oil spill is to vacuum it up, thats right we said vacuum. 
 A wet dry vacuum is designed specifically for vacuuming spills and other messes that occur in a workshop or garage.  When dealing with messes such as oil spills you should always use a wet dry vacuum cleaner and never, under any circumstances, use a household upright vacuum cleaner. You guys wouldn’t try that, were sure of it, but just wanted to make sure you get the point! Upright vacuum cleaners are not designed for this type of work and you will screw it up if you use it to vacuum oil!
 Ok So in order to properly vacuum an oil spill (with a wet dry vacuum) here is what you’ll need. 
▪ Wet Dry Vacuum
▪ Sawdust or Shop Sand(oil Dry) or kitty litter
▪ Rags
If you don’t own a wet dry Vacuum you can get one at any home improvement type store. (Don’t forget to check out the owners manual for proper operating of vacuum)
Once your all set on operating the wet dry vacuum go ahead and Place Sawdust, sand, or kitty litter and cover  the oil spill. The sand or sawdust will absorb the puddle of oil and make it easier for you to use the heavy duty wet dry vacuum to pick up the spill. Be sure to cover the entire spill completely. Wait a few minutes after laying the sawdust or sand down before vacuuming to ensure as much oil is absorbed as possible.
Once that has set for a few go ahead with the wet dry vacuum 
 and clean up the sawdust pile that you put down to absorb the oil. Dispose of the contents of the canister according to local laws regarding the disposal of oil. When you finish vacuuming, use rags to dry any remaining oil spots that are left behind. If you still have a little residue left you can use a can of brake Clean to finish it off.