If you have some extra cash a great investment is a bike lift.  A bike lift makes service work much easier, and you won’t end up like a contortionist trying to reach odd positioned bolts on your bike. Another great feature of the lift is the ease of cleaning your bike, especially your wheels. Now many different types of lifts are available, you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive lift but the least expensive lift may not be the best deal. Certain model bikes such as some year Dyna and sportsters have uneven undersides and need frame adaptors to lift the bike level, not all lifts have these available.  You also want to make sure the lift you’re buying is rated for the correct weight of your bike; you can find the weight of your bike in your service manual. Don’t skimp out on a lift, quality rules over price like anything in life. You don’t want to be trusting a $99.00 lift to support your bike because it was a great bargain. Remember, this lift is going to be holding anywhere from 500 to 800 pounds of bike 12-24 inches in the air which you will be right next to or underneath. If that lift fails you where’s your value now?  K&L’s MC550 is a great lift, check out this demo video.