Christie checked out Style Saver Scarves and shared with us what she likes about them.
Style Savers were designed by a lady rider and she captured a unique and innovative way to protect your hairstyle from becoming the dreaded “helmet hair” while wearing a helmet when riding.

Christie tells us this is a hand made satin scarf that comes in pretty cool colors and designs. She was really psyched about the fact that you don’t have to tie this like you would an old ordinary bandanna, it has an elastic built right into the design for a comfortable easy fit. No slipping off when you remove your helmet and if you follow the directions your hair will look perfect after riding! Check out the website for more detailed info and all the styles they offer. Toss out your old cotton bandanna, it’s not doing your hair any favors! Take a style saver scarf for a test ride (hey try saying that 5 times fast, if you listen closely in the video, Sara kinda trips up on the name! LOL) Style Saver Scarves