With The Winter Olympics starting tonight we thought it made perfect sense to point out the mindset of these amazing athletes that will be competing.   What does it take to think like an athlete, and why should we? 
Have you ever had a hard time getting yourself motivated to actually get yourself to the gym, or to go for a run? Have you ever been working out and your body is telling you that you just can’t go any further, you don’t have anything left inside you? Well you actually do have plenty left inside you.  If you can pull your mind over body, just like an athlete does you will find yourself with the strength and ambition needed to push yourself to reach those goals you didn’t think were obtainable.
  people like me and you can achieve this, we have to “think like an athlete”, use the Athlete mindset. 


A mindset is a set of thought patterns and beliefs that drive our behaviors. We have mindsets about many parts of our lives. We have  mindsets about work, play, family and more. 

The “athlete mindset” is something that encompasses a certain fighting competitive spirit even in the face of, adversity and challenges. It incorporates a number of mental game topics such as mental toughness, focus, determination, goal orientation, etc.

The athlete mindset is not just for the athletic world. It can spill over into other parts of life. Often professional athletes turn their energies and that athlete mindset into successful second careers in business.  Another perfect example is Lance Armstrong who took his athlete mindset and attacked his cancer and conquered.  

 We all have “hurdles” in our life that we think we’ll never be able to get over…  that is so not the case, we have it in us to overcome, we need to dig deep and “Think like an Athlete”.  

So while your watching the Winter Olympics, “Think like an Athlete” and let this mindset help drive you through your life, use this mindset in all you do and go for your own gold!