After three weeks of a desperate search for his beloved pit bull, Jesse James Tweeted today that he and CinnaBun have been reunited.
Along with a photo of Cinnabun putting her paws up to his chest in a happy greeting, James posted this message: “So Happy! Thnx Everyone for all the help! She looks like she hz had quite the Adventure!”
James had hired a pet detective and offered a reward of $5,000 for the dog’s return. According to TMZ, the West Coast Choppers honcho got a call from someone who had seen CinnaBun’s picture on a flier. The woman brought CinnaBun to James’s Long Beach bike shop, where upon sight of the long-lost pooch, the crew started crying.  We know how helpless you can feel when a beloved pet is missing, glad this episode had a happy ending for Jesse and Cinnabun.