If you are headed to Daytona Bike Week, make sure you stop by and say Hi to Athena from Vagabond Chopper Company and check out her new gig “Chicks Rule and Boys Drool

It is the mission of the Chicks Rule and Boys Drool Tour to promote women riders and their love of motorcycles. By providing an outlet to gain information and express questions and concerns to like minded women in the industry, women riders can find products and pertinent information in a setting that aides in safely putting on miles and expierencing the freedom of the wind and open road.

Formulated specifically for women, it also gives men an opportunity to see “the other side” of a culture commonly associated with males. Validating the concept that women riders are more than just a “chick on the back” within the motorcycle industry, the tour also provides a forum for ladies to express her likes and dislikes in a setting that is not full of skulls, iron crosses and spikes.