We were excited to finally check out “Why We Ride” by Tami Walker, a good friend to all of us here at Garage-Girls.  

Tami owns Diva Customs in Virgina Beach. Her goal with Diva Customs has always been to help other women riders individualize their own rides. Along her journey Tami has meet some impressive women riders and decided to share their stories of why they ride with others interested in or already sharing the passion.  Inside this book you get to take a look at stories of what initially inspired some of these women to go for that first ride, and what continues to inspire the love for the sport of motorcycling.  Some of the stories will make you smile, laugh and maybe even bring a tear to your eye.   Tami along her journey asked our own Garage-Girls, Jody Perewitz, Laura Klock  and Sara Liberte to share their own stories of why they ride.  To get yourself a copy head on over to Diva Customs and order one today.