The Limpnickie Lot held it’s first ever food drive and it was a huge success in Daytona Beach! They were able to donated a grand total of $550.00 to the Second Harvest Food Bank.
The crew chose to spend the first hundred dollars at the local Food Loin store to add to the bins, which was a total of 140 lbs of non perishable food. They then proceeded to write a few checks totaling $450.00 to the Second Harvest Food Bank.
“With Second Harvest of Central Florida’s buying power equates to $4050.00 dollars worth of food. That in turn will feed 83 families of four for 4 days. We really appreciate you thinking of us and starting this program. You have made a lot of needy families happy.”
We love when our peeps do something good to help others out! If your in a position to help someone out, offer it up, because the reward is all yours, something you can’t feel any other way!