When it’s time to bring your bike back out of storage and take it for that first spring ride start by putting your bike into first gear, disengage the clutch and push the bike back and forth a few times. This will insure the clutch is working properly and you won’t have to worry about the bike moving at initial start up.  Make sure your battery is fully charged and place it back in the bike if you had it removed for charging, or just disconnect your quick connect battery charger. Remove and inspect spark plugs, change if needed. Clean out your air filter, you’d be surprised what can find it’s way in your air cleaner over the storage months. Inspect your tires, make sure you have plenty of “meat” left on them and check your air pressure, fill with air if needed. You can find your air pressure listed on your frame or in your service manual. Inspect your lighting (high and low beam and turn signals and brake light) and horn, make sure all is working properly. Start the engine and let it reach normal running temperature.  Check all fluid levels and fill if needed.  Be safe out there on the road. Drivers aren’t used to seeing motorcycles on the road and they are distracted themselves those first few warm days. It’s their first ride with the windows down, music playing loud and lets face it, cell phones….  Also pay attention to the debris still in the road, you’ll find a lot of sand and salt at intersections and on the side of the road still.  Have fun and Be safe!