At first glance, I may look exactly like the little dog that you have been waiting to find. Take a closer look, and you will discover that I am a survivor of the commercial dog breeding industry. Experiencing a new world that is full of sights, sounds, and sensations can be overwhelming for me. Are you the one that can help me through my journey? 

I am looking for an extraordinary home. You are the family I am looking for if you:
1) have a quiet adult home with a social dog that can bond with me and help me learn
2) have great patience especially with housetraining and understand that I will need my own “safe haven” (a crate)
3) understand I may never learn to play and accept that I may never become a lap dog
4) are aware that I may have ongoing medical needs

Animal Friends does not want to discourage individuals from offering their hearts and homes to a former commercial breeding facility dog in need. We simply want to educate prospective adopters of the potential challenges. Often the commitment of time, patience, training, and health care needs exceed the expectations of the average pet owner.

If you choose to adopt one of these special dogs, you will watch them learn about living in a real home with a loving family. Contact Animal Friends for more info.