Do you really enjoy holding that cell phone up to your head for a conversation?  Your arm and fingers start to cramp, the phone gets real hot and the phones today are getting smaller and smaller. Cindy from BikerIncite turned us onto these super sweet retro styled phone handsets. 
With plenty of cool colors and styles to choose from there is sure to be one with your name all over it.  Just think you can take it back to the days of hangin’ out on your bed chatting for hours with friends and catching up. Come on, get real, too busy to catch up with friends? Get over yourself, your not that busy, life is too short to only communicate through texts and tweets! Hey don’t forget the health concerns of always being on your cell, get that thing away from our head it’s full of radiation, the YUBZ handset will keep your cell away from you. 
The handset is available in a variety of colors: Jet Black, Chalk Pink, Rock Gold (limited edition), Russian Red, Lemon Yellow, Army Green, Sky Blue, Orchid Purple, Meadow Green, and Florida Orange. Be sure to check out the artist series.  Check them out here