Hello! I’m Peanut, and I look familiar, it’s because you might have seen me on TV! I’m one the stars of an Animal Friends TV commercial, and I’ve even been on the local morning shows! They picked me because I’m special. I mean, I listen to commands and know how to behave in new situations. I bet you never thought you’d meet a true Animal Friends celebrity!

I’ve heard about how humans have these “Big Brother/Big Sister” programs where older people help mentor younger kids. Well I’m looking for the canine equivalent of that! I’m a big, rambunctious fellow who is looking for a home with an older dog who can mentor me and correct me when necessary. I’m eager to learn!

I’m a young dog, basically just a teenager, and I can get bored sometimes when no one’s playing with me. That’s why I’d love a home with a big fenced yard for me to run around in (with my new pal and mentor, of course). I love playing with all kinds of dogs and people! (But I am really strong so I’d do better with adults and bigger kids.) 

My current foster family knows that I’m loyal and very, very lovable. They also called me an “escape artist” – I’m just so curious and hate to be left alone! I’m working on being crate-trained, so maybe you can help me with that. I know several commands already and I’m good about riding in the car, so you can take me anywhere. And unlike most teenagers, I’m willing to adapt and change. I take corrections very well and I’m excited to find my place in a new family…maybe yours! 
Won’t you visit Animal Friends to learn more about me?