This movie looked like a total chick flick, but we figured what the hell, a good ole’ sappy love movie is ok once in a while.  The movie is based around 2 main characters and the tragedy in their lives. Robert Pattinson who plays Tyler Hawkins a young college aged kid searching for what it is he wants in his life after dealing with the tragic suicide death of his brother just a few years ago and Aly played by Emilie de Ravin who is a young focused college student who also has her own tragedy to deal with as her mom was murdered in front of her 10 years ago.  The two find their way into each others lives and the film shows the transformation they both undergo as they begin to fall in love.  While Tyler and Aly are falling in love the movie is a little slow going, and takes you through different struggles of each character dealing with their their own family tragedy.  We give props to both Robert and Emilie for their convincing roles and all other supporting actors in this film.  Now what really turned things around for us was the ending, and as much as we’d love to talk about it, we just don’t see it fair to ruin it for you…..  The ending of this film will leave you with your draw dropped wide open and we thought it really put things into perspective.  We think you’ll leave remembering things you may have forgotten about. 

For that we give this movie 4 spark plugs………..  go check it out!