I was a stray kitty hanging around someone’s garage, hoping for a new home there. But the nice homeowner already had enough other cats and couldn’t keep me, so she brought me to Animal Friends.

And what a lucky cat I am! Now I have lots of kitties to play with, and people visit me every day. I’m a little shy with strangers, but I admit that I can be bribed with tasty kitty treats or a pinch of my real passion-catnip! Although I’m not yet brave enough to enjoy being held, I always like to be petted gently.

Don’t let my shyness make you think I’m unfriendly. Just give me some time to get to know you, and then you’ll see what a sweet kitty I am. I’m not asking for much from life. I’m just looking for someone to love me “tilda” end of time! However, I would prefer a home with kids over 12 please. Won’t you come see me at Animal Friends?