WE LOVE this site. Most of you, like all of us have a list a mile and a half long of things we need or would just love to get done around the house, yard or garage. You know some people refer to it as the “honey-do” list, or just the list of things that will finally get done this year.  Well how many times have you found yourself way in over your head once you started a project and thought, “ah shit, I should have hired someone” or have you hired someone and thought, “ah shit, I could have done this myself and saved a ton”   Well, this site will calculate the costs of doing projects yourself vs hiring someone to do them for you. you’ll even find information about certain tools you should have on hand before starting the project.  

 So, before you start diggin’ into that next project, head on over to diyornot.com and take a minute to weigh out all your options to find out if this project is a Do It Yourself or not.