There are certain Era’s that are defined by the music and styles that were popular during that specific span of time. In the fifties and sixties it was all about poodle skirts, doin’ the Twist, and Bebopping. Moving on to the next decade, some people say that “if you remember the seventies,that meant that you weren’t really there.” In keeping with that theory,though on the opposite side of it~I say that if you remember the 80’s (into the early 90’s),not only would you recall that time period,but the music that had erupted during that timeframe,all the glitz,glamour and attitude that accompanied it~is undoubtedly engrained into your psyche.
There were quite a few bands that swirled around in the sugary carbonation of that time,that even then were an acquired taste. Only a mouthful or two were worth ingesting. Years later,out of all that frothiness~a BUBBLE emerged and had risen up above it all. A BUBBLE which would contain former Vixen/Contraband bassist Share Ross. (
You may remember Vixen as being the all female pop rock band whose videos were played on a constant loop on Mtv. Contrary to skeptics beliefs,Vixen could actually sing and play their instruments,and in my opinion~blew most of the “guy bands” completely out of the water. After Vixen parted ways (due to creative differences), Share played in a couple of different bands, one of which was her husband’s band “Dogs D’Amour.”
In 1997, after a brief stint in that band,Share and Bam founded the “Lovestains”;after a lineup change,and a somewhat new musical direction,BUBBLE was finally formed. 
BUBBLE is comprised of drummer Bam Ross,and bassist Dat T. Ngo,and is fronted by Share~who has traded in her bass for lead guitar,and also commands the lead vocals. Her raspy,snarly vocals are somehow,simulataneously~melodic and smoothe. If the Ramones and Joan Jett&the Blackhearts had a fling and conceived a child,BUBBLE would be their illegitimate lovechild. (
Their songs are solid straight forward rock,sprinkled with a bit of punk. Tunes such as “Deadender”showcase the bands skills at luring you into the groove. The melody reaches out and grabs you by the throat,asphyxiates you, then resuscitates you~only to leave you breathless again. All in under three minutes. The ballad “Sparkle Star”had won song of the year in the year 2000, in a John Lennon Songwriting Contest,which funnily enough they had submitted somewhat jokingly. Share had also been acknowledged as being the“Best Female Guitarist”( in the Los Angeles area,not once~but twice!)  
A bubble reflects colors from its surroundings. If you look closely at a bubble,you will see an array of different colors swirling around on its surface;the same could be said for Share. BUBBLE is her primary focus,the most distinct hue,but there are other colors that add to her beauty~such as her passion for living a healthier lifestyle. 
One day she had stumbled upon a book which contained information about raw foods,which~after a trial run,had led to a permanent and complete change of lifestyle and eating habits. Soon after she felt compelled to share her experiences,thus the manifestation of the“Raw Pirate Gourmet”website that she,(as well as her husband Bam) manage/host. 
If you want to know how to make a healthy chocolate pudding with avocados as the primary ingredient,or what to make as an alternative to the “A” typical salad,a recipe in which you would find items you wouldn’t necessarily associate with salad,such as seaweed,fruits and kelp~(as being the key ingredients)~then check out their site. (
Another venture of hers is hosting a podcast show~“Rock n’Roll TV”~an online show that she and Bam had cultivated,delivering rock n’ roll news in an unconventional way. (
In between recording,playing live &concocting meals which consist of things that may have washed up onto the shoreline,Share has also written a book entitled “Punk Knits:26 Hot New Designs for Anarchistic Souls and Independent Spirits” and yes, she has a website devoted to that as well! The art of knitting,though in a punk rock fashion(not your everyday knitting patterns).You can even purchase skull sewing needles! (
Share has come a long way since Vixen. As you can see,she isn’t just a typical “rocker chick.” She has overcome many obstacles in her life to be at the place where she is;I urge you to check out her various websites.You will find that there is something to appease all of the senses. 
{Also,if  you are anywhere near Hollywood, CA on April 20th,Share will be moonlighting as the bassist for Lorraine Lewis’ all star band “LA Nookie”at the Key Club. They will be opening for RATT. If you are in the area check em’ out!}. 
Editors Note, Stay tuned for more in depth reporting on all of Shares Journeys.