I’m Maybelline, and here’s how people describe me:
Gentle and affectionate; never aggressive 
Shy with strangers 
Adores being petted and held 
Gets along with other quiet cats 
I tend to be quiet, but I enjoy being with people. In spite of my slight limp, I can still chase wiggly string toys or bat at feather toys. I’m always ready for fun!
I came to Animal Friends as a stray with kittens. After I raised my kittens, I was adopted. But my new owners returned me because I had some dental problems that they couldn’t address.
I won’t borrow any makeup to bring out my natural beauty. Instead, I try my best to be a sweetheart with a loving heart. Maybe you can be the person who will love me in return?
Maybelline is a Red Collar Pet! Members of Animal Friends’ Red Collar Society know that adult pets can be the best, most experienced companions. Visit the Red Collar page on www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org to learn more.