What do you get when you take a moment and a shy bunny and mix them with a bit of love? One look at Lazenby and you’ll know the answer!

Lazenby is a shy but lovable bunny who enjoys being held and tends to get along with other bunnies. If you give him a little burrow or box that he can retreat to or use for a bed, a blanket (he’s partial to fleece), and a chew toy or three, he’ll be on cloud nine. Unlike most rabbits, he’ll lay peacefully in your arms, and being picked up doesn’t faze him in the least.

We asked Lazenby if there was anything specific he wanted to say. “I love anything green. In fact, a nice green snack could have me eating out of your hand.” (We know this to be literally true) “But whatever you do, don’t feed me carrots. YUCK! I don’t know how anyone can eat those things… they’re ORANGE!”

You can see that Lazy’s a pretty unusual bunny. Despite being a little shy, he’s well-behaved, likes being petted, and pretty content with life. He even keeps his home nice and tidy as long as he has a little retreat space. All he needs now is to be a part of your life. PLEASE Visit him at Animal Friends today!