Can you believe that someone could abandon such a handsome dog? That’s what happened to Clay, until our Humane Officers rescued him and brought him. And boy oh boy, was he happy to see them! He wiggled his way right into their van and right into our hearts. Clay is the perfect doggie age. He’s past the crazy puppy nipping, he has a calm presence with his handler, but still can play and romp with the best of them.

We have learned so much about Clay since he’s been going to a specialty training class with one of his favorite volunteers. When Clay first arrived, he wasn’t fond of his dog neighbors. But now after 2 months of classes, Clay has realized that being around other dogs isn’t so scary. He has learned to respond calmly to other dogs by wearing a Gentle Leader and has even become the “example” dog in his class. The newbies follow Clay’s lead to see how they’re supposed to behave! This guy does his SITS like a champ and is very attuned to the person at the other end of the leash, especially when that person has a yummy treat. It’s amazing to think that someone left such an obedience star behind, You should see how Clay runs over the agility course and follows the commands of his leader with confidence and ease.

Aside from his mastery of obedience, Clay is also a snuggle bug. He’s so confident in is manhood that he readily confesses to enjoying kisses on his forehead from the ladies. If you look closely, you can sometimes see a bit of lipstick left behind! Please visit Animal Friends to inquire about Clay!