This gorgeous longhaired gray cat named Gem is definitely a jewel of a young cat. Gem adores being with people, and she isn’t shy about hopping up onto a lap for some petting and cuddling. No amount of affection could ever be too much for this lovable little lap cat.

But Gem is practically a kitten, and she still has that fun-loving and curious spirit in her soul. This pleasant gal loves to play with any kind of cat toys, ranging from a laser light to a catnip toy mouse to a fluffy feather toy. And when you watch this fluffy ball of gray fur moving so fast on her playful feet, it will be hard to tell whether you or Gem is having the most fun.

We think Gem would be happiest in a home with adults and older children. 

If you’ve been looking for a cat who is perfectly precious, our Gem may be just the girl for you. She’s pretty, she’s affectionate, and she’s fun. And Gem’s love is truly priceless and far more valuable than the finest gold or diamonds. There is no question that our Gem will be a treasure to the lucky family who adopts her. Visit Animal Friends to see her!