This upcoming memorial day weekend is the first long holiday weekend that kicks off the good weather season, and that usually means more people will be on the road.  If you are heading out be sure to stay safe and watch out for others on the road.
The following is a list of some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.  Take steps to avoid them and you will reduce your risk of an accident significantly:
Unseen Riders – Research shows that the major cause of motorcycle accidents has been and continues to be the failure of other motorists to see motorcyclists in traffic, especially at night.  Almost 60% of motorcycle fatalities occur after dark.  This is yet another reason why making every attempt to be visible on the road is of vital importance.
Lack of Experience / Poor Riding Skills – as we’ve seen above, lack of training and experience on your bike can cause you to be a danger not only to yourself but to others on the road with you.  Take the time to develop basic skills and good techniques before ever venturing on to public roads.
Bad Road Conditions / Undivided Highways – Bad road conditions such as potholes, debris and uneven places in the roads can have a tremendous impact on a motorcycle and rider.  Also important and a large contributor to accidents is roads which lack a divider between opposing or facing traffic.
Excessive Speed – Speeding is a major factor in accidents as well.  Speeding displaces the alignment of the motorcycle, as it causes the front end to become unsteady.  It then becomes easier for the motorcyclist to lose control and possibly collide with either a stationary object or another moving vehicle.
Drunk / Impaired Driving – Statistically speaking alcohol in any amounts impairs judgment and slows reaction time.  With both judgment and reaction time being essential to safe riding, it makes good sense to refrain from drinking and drug-use (including some prescription and over-the-counter medications) while operating your motorcycle.
Poor Weather Conditions – Because of the open nature of a bike, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to the elements.  Extra precautions – including being willing to pull of the road and stop during bad weather – are needed every time you plan a ride.