Like many dogs that end up here, I was a stray. Someone found me wandering around and took me to Action for Animals, who took care of me and then transferred me here. When they got me, they had to take off my old collar that was beginning to dig into my neck! Boy, life out on the road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
I like it a lot better here; I get to hang out with other dogs, which I like very much! My old owners taught me to sit and walk, and I love going for long strolls. If you sit down next to me, I’ll cuddle right up next to you!
Really, the only thing I don’t like is being poked or picked up in my hind quarters. Because of this I wouldn’t do well with young kids, but otherwise I’m a lot of fun. With a little training, I could be the dog for you! What do you say?
Why don’t you come check me out at Animal Friends!