Ta-da! It’s me, Rimbo! I’m a big, strong Rottie mix who’s secretly a big sweetie at heart.
Like all the dogs here at Animal Friends, I’ve got a story. A landlord who had squatters on his property called the police who came and found…me! My owners had abandoned me there, but I think I’m much better off now.
I know a lot of commands like “Sit,” Give Paw,” and “Down,” and I’ll play fetch with you all day! Really the worst thing you can say about me is that I’m still getting used to other dogs. I may feel the need to challenge them to show who’s boss, but it’s something training can help me with. I’m very eager to learn!
So don’t let my size scare you! I’d love to find a real, forever home! Won’t you come see me at Animal Friends?