You guys remember the overall Ang did of Share Ross, former Vixen bassist and mystical wonder…   well let’s delve back in to what Share is doing these days….
Share’s “Raw Pirate Gourmet” site is ideal if you are looking to try something new~or if you would just like to add a bit of variety to your diet. Would you like an alternative to the everyday humdrum garden salad? Check out this site and you will find ingredients of which to make a salad that will blow your mind. The next time that you cook dinner,in lieu of the aforementioned “humdrum” salad,replace it with a seaweed salad! Highly nutritious and remarkably flavorful. A meal fit for a pirate. You wouldn’t have to don an eyepatch or have a parrot perched on your shoulder~(though it would make for some interesting dinner conversation).
So go ahead. Broaden your horizon check out Raw Pirate Gourmet. Ahoy matey!
By, Angela Arpin