Poof! I’m like a magic trick. One day someone found me lying in the road near a clinic. Sad, right? But then, poof!, I’m here at Animal Friends. And boy, things have gotten a lot better for me.
I’m a warm and friendly little calico who will talk to you whenever you pick me up. But I’m just saying how much I enjoy it! I’m still getting used to play with toys and things; I’d rather just snuggle with you and have you scratch me behind the ears. Speaking of ears, you might notice that one of mine is a little lopsided or “cauliflowered,” as we say in the business. I think it gives me character!
I’m not sure how I feel about other cats yet – it might depend on them, or I may just not like them very much. I know that I like people and want to be around them, so how about it? Why not come by and say hello at Animal Friends?