There are many ways to secure your motorcycle to prevent theft.
The best deterrent is to utilize more than one security measure; the more a thief has to defeat, the less potential for success.
Always keep the ignition locked.
Secure your motorcycle to a fixed, or anchored object, or another motorcycle.
Park in a secure and well-lit area. If in doubt, do not park there.
If your bike is not garaged, keep it covered; non-name brand covers are preferable to prevent advertising the type of bike that lies beneath.
Limit the amount of time your bike is left unattended, or unsupervised.
Vary your routes and routines to prevent being followed.
Use a high quality lock and chain. Secure the chain through the bike frame versus the wheels which can be easily removed.
Consider adding a motorcycle anti-theft, or security system.
Despite all of your precautions, if your bike is stolen contact the police and your Insurance provider immediately. Visit GEICO for a free Quote.