Most aftermarket seats are made of the highest quality vinyl and will retain their looks for years without any extra care. We know first hand since our own personal tour of the factory that Mustang seats can be washed with any mild, non-abrasive detergent and will last as long as you own your bike. For regular maintenance Mustang recommends Protect All™, a do-it-all type of cleaner that cleans, polishes, waxes, treats and protects every surface. Protect All™s water repellent Carnauba Wax Formula provides durable protection against all elements. The quality of carnauba wax, incorporated into the formula, is largely responsible for providing durable protection. Simply spray, wipe, and polish dry for a beautiful, durable, lasting shine.
Protect All’s™ anti-static property is ideal for treating vinyl to a clean, dry natural appearance. It leaves NO oily film to attract dust and dirt. With regular use, Protect All™s highly effective UV absorber additive helps to protect all surfaces by absorbing the UV light rays and blocking them from reaching the finish. Also this won’t leave you with a “Slippery” seat which can be dangerous.

Cuts, Scratches or Scuff Marks

As with any upholstered product (such as couches, chairs or car seats), there is a possibility of cutting or tearing the cover material. If you own a Mustang seat you can contact Mustang directly and one of the seats experts will provide you with the best possible advice about your particular situation. (Most local upholstery shops do a very good job of repairing vinyl.)
If your seat has been scratched or scuffed, try gently applying a small dab of black paste shoe polish on the affected area. Allow it to dry completely, then buff out with a clean soft cloth. If you have any questions, please contact Mustang and speak to one of the seat experts.