My sister and I were in a home together, but due to allergies, we found ourselves at Animal Friends. In addition to getting along with my sister, I am really a “people cat.” I’m used to being picked up, and I enjoy being petted while sitting on someone’s lap. Don’t sweat the spelling of my name. You can drop one of the “m”s once we get home; or, you can pick any other name that strikes you.
Look at my black and white face. Did you ever see such great markings in all your life? Not only that, but check out those sharp black smudges on my paws. I don’t know about talent, but if they ever come out with a show called “America’s Got Looks,” I would take first place paws down!
If you’re looking for two cats, my sister and I would make a great pair! If you already have cats, the Adoption Counselor at Animal Friends can help determine whether we’d be a good match. Most importantly, she’ll help you with the form that is the first step toward us getting together in the Get Acquainted room.