Ok so it’s not a big secret that some of us gals are vertically challenged when it comes to riding stock bikes. That being said if your feeling like you need to get grounded then check these sucka’s out….
Made famous by the Burly Slammer Kits, the stubby Burly shocks are now available on their own! Measuring in at only 10.5” eye to eye, they live up to their name and are available in black or chrome for most Sporties and Dynas. Burly Slammer Shocks may be short, but they are well thought out and are travel limited to prevent tire/fender contact. Five position preload adjusters allow for fine tuning to rider weight for optimum feel. Fitment for 1988 and newer Sportsters as well as 1991 and newer Dynas and an MSRP of only $199.95. Check them out at your local dealer or the Burly web site.