Gotta tell ya we were so disappointed this holiday weekend, we actually spotted some of you ladies out there riding in FLIP-FLOPS!    Come on, we know it’s hot out there, but do we really need to tell you what would happen to your foot if god forbid something were to happen….

Well since we witnessed so many foot riding gear faux pas over the weekend we thought it would be a good time to highlight one of our favorite riding boots.

The Trista by Harley-Davidson Footwear is about as comfortable as you can get in a riding boot. We love the height of the boot, perfect to give your ankle that added support it needs to keep your feet from getting fatigued while riding. Not only is this boot comfortable but the look is sweet, you can wear this boot tucked in your riding pants or pull your riding pants down over the boot, there is plenty of room to wear it both ways.   Check ’em out at Harley-Davidson and PLEASE don’t ride in sandals anymore!!!