So most of the country is in the middle of a major heat wave, and that means your vehicle’s air conditioning system is going to be under a serious strain. If you haven’t had your system serviced in a while, take some time for an air conditioner tune up. While most new vehicles may simply be able to get away with having their A/C recharged, older cars and trucks may require a little extra attention.
If you think your A/C isn’t as frosty as it used to be, but it’s still blowing cold, you may be able to get away with simply recharging your system. To keep your vehicle in the best condition, your vehicle’s A/C system should be checked annually. Symptoms of a low refrigerant charge include poor cooling and the compressor for the air conditioner frequently engaging and disengaging (the air conditioning is constantly stopping and starting).
A service technician can check the levels of your refrigerant in your vehicle, and make sure they are refilled according to your vehicle’s manual, safely and efficiently.
For optimum functioning, make sure the system is fully charged with no leaks.
You might also choose to have a technician replace or repair any leaking components in your A/C system. Air conditioning repairs involve locating and stopping leaks; it can be tricky to find a small, slow leak in a hard-to-reach area, so it can sometimes require several attempts to fix the system. Leaks can be found by adding special dye to the system, or several other methods to locate the leak. Most repairs involve replacing O-rings, seals or hoses. A technician will troubleshoot your A/C issues, whether it is the compressor, a bad temperature sensor, or leak within your system.
Leaks or poor performance are also potentially harmful to the environment. By stopping the leak, you will prevent refrigerant from leaking into the atmosphere or on the ground where pets could get to it.
So have your A/C checked and charged and keep cool these summer months!