Angel’s my name, and finding a Forever Home is my game. I have come back to Animal Friends because the person who adopted me is now in a nursing home and can’t care for me. I was heartbroken when I got here, but I’ve been making a real effort to make friends.
Even though this is my second time around in the shelter, I am not quite used to being in a cage and being taken out for exercise and socialization. I know I want to be petted, but something in me makes me want to squirm at the same time. I do that too when being picked up, but if you don’t want to carry me around all day, we’ll get along great!
I know my maturation is what many people look for in a cat. What I need is someone who will be patient with me until I accept them completely. Being timid is not really a bad thing; with love and patience I’ll come out of my shell and provide my new owner(s) with lots of purrs. And with my great experience, I have learned all the proper cat behaviors such as grooming myself and always using my litter box. Please give me a chance. Come see me At Animal Friends!