While most people don’t drive around with these newest technologies, as more and more people start buying up the latest models it won’t be long before almost everyone on the road has this technology at their fingertips… So what do you think, is this technology that rocks and we should embrace, or is it kinda creepy???

Blind Spot and Cross-Traffic Detection

Blind spot detection features identify people, other vehicles, or objects within vehicles’ blind spots and provide an instant warning to the driver. Similarly, cross-traffic detection systems can detect vehicles, people or objects in a vehicle’s path while backing out of a parking space and alert the driver.

Driver Recognition System

This system allows multiple drivers of a vehicle the ability to program various vehicle settings including seat positions, mirror positions, and climate control & stereo settings that can all be activated when the driver enters the vehicle.

Night Vision System

This technology provides the driver with a high-beam image of the road ahead, without distracting other drivers, using an infrared light beam that is invisible to the human eye. An on-board camera is used to capture images up to 500 feet away that are then presented on a display in the vehicle’s cockpit.

Parking Assist System

Parking assist systems help drivers park backwards or parallel park using a built-in computer and small sensors located at the rear of the vehicle. After confirming feasibility of targeted parking position, the vehicle’s parking movements would be done automatically by the vehicle.