People call me Fountain, and here’s why I’m special:

” I’m shy but not aggressive
” I’m happiest among other cats
” I’m a young gal who loves to play
Humane agents rescued me from the home of a collector, where I lived with lots of other cats but had minimal human contact. So when I first arrived at Animal Friends, I was terrified of all the people here. But I’m getting braver and more trusting every day. And when I go to my new home, I’ll probably relax in the love and security of my new family.
 Although I’m shy, that doesn’t mean I’m boring. I can be a lot of fun when I’m playing and especially enjoy pouncing on wiggly string toys. I’m also a fan of kitty treats, but my real passion is catnip!

When I dream of my new home, I imagine it to be a comfortable place with patient and kind-hearted adults (small children would frighten me), another nice kitty or two to make me feel secure, and love everywhere. Can you help me make that dream come true? Come visit me at Animal Friends.